Summer 2012

This summer was tough.

I lost count after 10 consecutive days of rain earlier in January, then when the clouds finally parted allowing the sun to shine the water was filled with sediment and muck for the following week - which would coincide perfectly for the next spell of rain. Frustrating to say the least.

While Sydney suffered under El Niño's grasp I spent a fair bit of time in South Australia, wanting to focus on the Ocean films I've been working on I teamed up with good friends Mike and Luke to produce West Away, a film about why we do what we do.
Personally it was an epic time as I've been away from that sort of searching trip since moving to Sydney a few years ago.

Even though the Underwater Project was put aside to focus on pre and post of West Away I'm stoked on the outcome, it seemed all the more fitting to feature Mike in the film having started the Underwater Project with him on a dusty trip to the desert almost two and a half years ago.

As winter creeps a little closer every day, the Summer 2012 Gallery is somewhat of a reportage of the past 8 months with some good days in amongst the bad - while also paying homage to some of the selects from years past.

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