Beer. Not many words come to mind other than Coopers when associated with beer. Call me bias or just a bloody South Australian, but I genuinely grew up drinking those 'Green Labels' and getting weird looks when ordering a Coopers Pale interstate. 

And when my uni roommates dabbled in home brew (highly illegal on campus btw) the product they reached for was nothing but a Coopers DIY can, and only goodness flowed from there. 

When asked to shoot a series of films for their 'Master of the Brewniverse' competition I laughed out loud, praising the agency for the name and getting the branding rights across the line, heck I would have done it for free.

The icing on the cake was filming the head of Coopers slurring through an Adams Family joke with Dylan Lewis (who I grew up watching on Recovery) as they tasted some 18 beers in 6 hours. 

And they call this work.

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