The Best Coast, the Wild West, Where the Desert meets the Ocean.

Whatever name you have for it; the Eyre Peninsula is a special place. 

I moved to Port Lincoln from Adelaide when I finished high school, found myself chasing waves up and down the coast, and working on tuna fishing boats. 

While I knew the secrets close by and carried a camera more often than not, it wasn't until Regional Development Australia reached out to showcase the various regions; a dream job if I've ever had one. 

Two weeks of bouncing around the place, meeting genuine people happy to be where they are, playing in the ocean, and hanging with the wildlife (some with oversized teeth), reinforces my love for the place I call home.

Agency : Regional Development Australia
Creative : Brad Riddle
Director/DP : Mark Tipple
Production Manager : Brinkley Davies
Writer : Luke Barker
Voice Over : Tim Solly/RGM

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