Gallery Project bridges the gap between people with a mind for social justice and traditional print media.

The demise of traditional media has seen print magazines follow revenue raising celebrity gossip leaving social justice stories to fall by the wayside. Gallery Project provides a platform to give these issues the attention they deserve, while empowering others to tell the story forward.


Gallery Project is a culmination of documentary photographer Mark Tipple and social entrepreneur Nikki James. 'I worked closely with three organisations while shooting the Chasing the Jakartan Dream reportage in Indonesia, upon returning to Australia having to tell them that their story wasn't receiving any attention in mainstream media was disheartening to say the least,' Mark says. 'This concept will raise the profile of organisations we work with, and source them with funds to continue their projects.'

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Rising Up
Kigamboni Community Centre
Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania
Chasing the Jakartan Dream
Urban based poverty reportage
Jakarta, Indonesia
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