Doorstep (From my)

After two and a half years of living in a van the one thing I’ve realised is; I love my doorstep.

No matter where I am, the views are pretty darned rad. Be it in the city where I have million dollar views right on Bondi Beach, or where the desert meets the ocean and there’s not a soul in sight, the best part is I have these views plus everything I need to work and live within arms reach.

Years ago, I read about a pro surfer in Hawaii who could simply open his eyes while still in bed and see the world famous Pipeline breaking, he didn’t even have to raise his head from the pillow.

For some reason that story re-emerged in my brain some 15 years later, and I set about designing the van bed to be high enough to see out of the window - without raising my head.

This means I can be extra lazy and sleep in without regret that I’m missing out seeing what the day is like, but also means that through sleep filled eyes I’ve seen many a blurred out sunrises.

In between shoots I’ve been staying at the local surfing beaches in Port Lincoln, they’re pretty remote but still close enough to town to race in and avoid my full time hermitness.

Most nights I’m editing until 1am, and even with the late sunrises at 7:30am I struggle to get moving; after a week of watching I thought the least I could do is capture the mood of both of us in the morning - nature’s volatility, and my washed out sleep filled eyes.

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