I never thought I'd be an advocate for living in Adelaide. My family moved around a bunch when I was a grommet, then settled in Adelaide from my early primary school years and stayed on. 

As soon as I could I moved out of Adelaide for a small wave and work riddled town and called that home, vowing never to return to Adelaide as it had nothing for me. After a turbulent five year sentence in Sydney I returned to Adelaide during my vanlife years thinking "it's not so bad, clean beaches and smooth airport", then met a girl and settled down thinking it's a pretty rad place to raise a family.

When Immigration South Australia asked for a suite of films on recent migrants I knew I could simply relate to their recent discovery, as looking at Adelaide through fresh eyes is a great way to re-discover the city (town) you thought you knew so well. 

While it was a fun project to work on, we finished up the package with a "now, don't go telling too many people about Adelaide, ok?"; let's keep our secret just that.

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