"Be safe in the ocean, dad.

After a year of re-evaluating my life post Covid and the addition of a baby boy, my faded salt encrusted wetsuit was itching to be worn. With no agenda or new ideas I kissed the family and skated the few streets from home and entered the ocean on sunset, and waited for something to happen. 

Some nights I'd sit on my yellow boogie board as I'd done so many times before watching/waiting for the light show, feeling the water lapping around as the night took over. Stark contrast to the nights when the ocean showed who's boss and slapped me back to shore with wind howling my surfers ear shut. Typical me I'd waited until Winter to shoot a few photos; I'm always a season behind my ideas.

On dark I'd return home to a smiling three year old Kora who'd hug, then recoil as my frozen wetsuit touched her bath warmed skin, I'd tell her to go inside and stay warm. These 8 degree Adelaide nights aren't meant to be faced by a toddler. Millie would likely be breast feeding our three month old boy, Finn, who'd laugh at me like I was a gobblin with dripping wet hair as I raced to the shower. Once defrosted there'd be dinner on the table, how Millie continues to hold our crazy clan together I'll never know, and I'd assume my best George Costanza impersonation and tell stories of how 'the sea was angry that day my friends' as they all laughed into their broccoli. 

Home Hearted - my most personal photo series named after my family who support me in every way.

Limited Edition prints available from Otomys Gallery.

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